In September, 2022, we saw signs of life from the folks over at small-volume British motorcycle builder Hesketh. That’s when we learned of the upcoming Hesketh Heresy—a new single-cylinder, 450cc machine they were busily working on. The OEM said all would become clear soon, and seemed happy enough to talk about some of what to expect on its Facebook page—but hadn’t offered more concrete release or reveal dates. 

That’s all changed now, though. It turns out that Hesketh has been packing up the Heresy 450 to bring along to EICMA 2022, where it will make its worldwide debut on November 8, 2022. The company says that it’s “the most technically advanced Hesketh ever produced to celebrate 40 years of continuous low-volume manufacturing.” 

It’s built by hand in the U.K., and is powered by a 450cc single-cylinder engine. According to the firm, the mill is “made under license from Honda, it was once the XR 400 motocross engine, well proven and pretty bullet proof, produced to Hesketh specifications in Taiwan, twin port, twin injector, Euro 5 certified.” 

Gallery: 2023 Hesketh Heresy 450

Full details aren’t available yet, but Hesketh has so far said that the Heresy 450 will have ABS, is light weight, and will cost £14,000, which is about $15,641 as of November 3, 2022. Presumably, more detailed information will be available next week in Milan.  

Will we also get to see video and hear the bike in action at that time? That’s not clear at this point, but here’s hoping that if it doesn’t happen then, it does happen sooner rather than later. For those interested in learning more, you can reach out to 

Hesketh seems to communicate most actively on its Facebook, where enthusiasts regularly post questions on its posts, and also receive answers fairly quickly. The company also maintains a website, but it seems that Facebook is the best place to get the most current information about new developments with its projects. If you’re interested, you may want to follow them there for the most current information. We will of course keep you up to date with any and all news from that quarter, as well. 

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