Shark helmets may not be a household name in the States, but the French helmet manufacturer commands a large audience in Europe. While Americans may only see Shark lids protecting MotoGP and Superbike World Championship (WSBK) riders, the firm offers much more than just racing helmets. One such staple is the brand’s Spartan lineup, and the GT Pro variant brings together everyday comfort with high-end performance.

Layers of carbon and multiaxial fibers compose the Spartan GT Pro shell. Shark then sculpts that tough exterior into an aerodynamically-sound shape and adds dual rear spoilers to mitigate buffeting, drag, and wind noise.

The multi-density EPS layer helps the refreshed helmet gain ECE 22.06 approval while a removable/washable Alveotec interior and 3D morphological cheek pads prioritize comfort and fit. Shark doesn’t forget that ventilation contributes to comfort and enhances airflow with three air intakes while two rear extractors provide a venturi effect.

Riders look through an optical class 1, scratch-resistant VZ300 visor that offers a field of view free from distortion thanks to variable screen thickness. The Spartan GT Pro also benefits from a four-point locking mechanism derived from Shark’s flagship Race-R Pro GP racing helmet. A drop-down UV 380 anti-fog sunscreen preserves visibility when the sun dips toward the horizon while the Pinlock 120 Max Vision anti-fog insert and breath guard takes over in cooler conditions.

Shark employs a double D-ring strap to secure the Spartan GT Pro, but the Shark Emergency Release system allows first responders to quickly remove the helmet’s neck and cheek pads in the event of a crash. The grand touring lid comes ready to receive the Sharktooth Prime intercom system and weighs just 3.2 pounds in stock form.

The French helmet maker presents the Spartan GT Pro in four solid colors (black, matte black, red, and white), two carbon finishes, and two graphics. Sizes range between XS to XXL, with two shells splitting the six sizes. The Shark Spartan GT Pro starts at €489 ($480 USD).

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