Deus Ex Machina runs stores and cafes all over the world. From South Africa to Australia, from cappuccinos to snap-back caps, the brand has broadened its appeal on a global scale. Still, we two-wheeled maniacs know Deus as stylish custom shops. Favoring retro forms and timeless designs, the collective pumps out some of the most sophisticated builds in the entire industry.

The Deus Ex Machina Japan chapter is no different, and builder Tomoyuki Soeda shows off that tasteful distinction with his Green Envy and Beluga XM projects. Starting with a Honda FT400, Soeda adopted a simple guiding principle: keep it cheap. That approach didn’t leave room for much custom work, but the builder completely transformed the standard into a scrambler nevertheless.

Gallery: Green Envy: Honda FT400

It’s addition by subtraction with Green Envy, as Soeda exposes the subframe by ripping away the side panels and replacing the tank with an older unit. He also ditches the dual shock setup for a monoshock configuration. A set of Dunlop D603 tires, a high-mounted front fender, and a SuperTrapp exhaust complete the scrambler metamorphosis.

For Soeda’s second project, he turned to a much more modern donor bike. The KTM 200 Duke’s electric fuel injection gave Soeda the confidence to turn the fifth-liter naked bike into a little tourer. He replaces KTM’s sharp and aggressive bodywork with a smooth, white shell that earns the project its Beluga XM name.

Gallery: Beluga XM: KTM 200 Duke

The build’s Bridgestone AX41 adventure tires open new paths to the little roadster, and a detachable surf rack helps riders catch a few waves along the way. Both Green Envy and Beluga XM benefit from an intuitive modular luggage system devised by the Deus Ex Machina team. The Honda FT400 and KTM 200 Duke boast a removeable rear platform, which adds extra carrying capacity, but the Beluga takes that convenience even further with a front rack.

Riders and non-riders may know Deus for its elevated style, but Soeda proves that the brand’s style can still be approachable.

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