The CE-04 electric scooter is one advanced machine, and BMW wants you to know that. If the 8.9 kWh battery pack, 31 kW (42 horsepower) maximum output, and a one-hour-and-40-minute quick charging option aren’t enough to convince you, the futuristic design should seal the deal. Despite those advanced features, BMW Europe is recalling the CE-04 for a potentially dangerous steering issue.

What’s the thorn in this technological lion’s heel, you may ask? The horn. That's right, a parts-bin regular tripped up this marvel of modern innovation. However, all that humorous irony doesn’t reduce the validity of the recall.

The problem lies in the bracket that connects the horn to the E-scooter's chassis. Like most manufacturers, BMW tucks the CE-04's horn under the model’s front-end bodywork. Should the horn’s bracket, or its fastener, loosen over time, the component could fall directly into the path of the front wheel. This could lead to a steering lockup when the operator turns to the left, prompting BMW Europe to issue a recall on the model.

BMW CE-04 Recall - Diagram
BMW CE-04 Recall - Front

BMW hasn’t disclosed how the replacement horn bracket or new mounting position will remedy the issue but European owners should reach out to their local dealer and make an appointment to change the OE unit. Of course, the brand’s warranty will cover associated labor and parts costs.

On the flip side, several models within the K 1600 family also utilize the same horn as the CE-04, including the K 1600 GT and GTL (2011-2016). At the same time, the model’s bracket, fastener, and mounting position may not pose an issue to the rider’s safety.

BMW CE-04 Recall - Horn Diagram

BMW initially rolled out the CE-04 in Europe and has sense announced it for the U.S. market. With that in mind, there’s no telling if the brand will need to address the horn bracket issue outside of Europe as well. Hopefully, the Bavarians handle the low-tech foible in a timely manner, especially at the high-tech starting price of $11,795.

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