BMW Motorrad has long made specially outfitted motorbikes available to fire protection and law enforcement patrols, and its latest models in 2022 are no different. Take Interschutz 2022, which is a six-day event hosted by German firefighting associations in Hanover, Germany. From June 20 through 25, 2022, Interschutz will bring together firefighting professionals from all over the region—and many will get to see the new BMW CE-04-P and F 850 GS-P up close and in person. 

The CE-04-P was first unveiled in its police guise by BMW at Milipol Paris in 2021. As the European Union and various other countries where BMW is active start to shift vehicle fleets away from combustion, a specially-outfitted CE-04 for their needs makes sense. That’s especially true of fire brigades, where vehicles can sit in the firehouse and charge until they’re needed, without necessarily needing to go out on patrol.  

As with the regular CE-04, the side storage compartment on the CE-04-P is illuminated, so you can easily see when you’re stowing or retrieving your gear. Functional switchgears with programmable controls make it easy for fleets to further tailor their CE-04-Ps to their needs.

Gallery: BMW CE-04-P and F 850 GS-P

Additionally, the electric scoot comes with LED flashers, as well as a telescopic, 360-degree marker strobe light that is completely controllable. Other useful features include a waterproof top box, a programmable LED display in the rear that can feature messages in multiple languages, a tall windscreen, and LED lighting all around, including warning lights up front to alert others in the area to your presence. 

The BMW F 850 GS-P can go off-road, which could of course be useful in certain situations. This model also features a special switch that allows users to leave the bike running without the key, so your light and/or radio can still work while stopped. As an anti-theft measure, however, it can’t be ridden without the key. Instead, it will shut down if someone tries to ride away without it. The F 850 GS-P also features new controls on the handlebars to operate the bike’s signals, work lights, and radio. Unsurprisingly, it also comes with a set of hard bags to carry your necessary equipment.

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