How often do you take the time to do something just for yourself? I’m not talking about just buying yourself a fancy coffee or something small; I’m talking about taking a serious time-out to just be a person on your own. Now, maybe you’re not the kind of person who likes to be on your own—but if you are, then it’s absolutely something that you should take the time to do, at least once in a while. 

That’s what this Monkey Heaven ASMR moto camping video is all about. In it, our protagonist pulls his nicely outfitted Honda kei van up on the grounds of an elementary school that’s clearly not in session. Was it his school? Did he graduate from there, or work there, or have some other connection to this place? We don’t know for sure, but we do know that he’s happy to make camp on the grounds for the night.  

Naturally, he’s brought his Honda Monkey along to go on important missions, like sightseeing and firewood-gathering. If you’re going to camp, then of course you’re going to need a campfire, after all. At one point, he takes his handy roll-top backpack, rolls off into the surrounding wooded area on his Monkey, and comes back with a pack full of plenty of wood to keep a cozy fire crackling as long as he wants. 

Remember how we mentioned that the van is nicely outfitted? There are these beautiful, foldaway wooden counters that can be set up to provide ample workspace for whatever needs doing. It could be a mobile workshop, or it could simply be a counter where you pull yourself a nice pint glass of Sapporo or pour a whiskey soda as a reward after a long day. It could also be where you use a hand-crank burr grinder to mill yourself some freshly-ground coffee in the morning. 

The Monkey is, of course, ever a handy companion on this camping trip. It’s great for getting around the school grounds when this guy wants to go in and play the school organ, walk through the classrooms, or shoot some hoops in the gym. Later, it’s also handy when he needs a bathroom break, since the van isn’t a full #vanlife machine. 

He’s got plenty of gadgets along to make camping life go smoothly, like a nice, foldaway campfire pit that keeps all that burning wood nicely contained. A series of metal pieces helps hold his food a good distance away from the fire, so it cooks but doesn’t burn. His handy knife acts as both a knife and an eating utensil—no uni-taskers here! 

Along with the canopy that extends out from the upraised door of his van, he’s got a nicely appointed camping space for the evening. When it’s time to sleep, he simply crawls inside the van, where the seats are fully reclined and ready for a nice rest.  

In the morning, while he’s brewing his coffee to enjoy with a pretty nice-looking Vienna loaf, a gentle rain begins to fall. He clearly knew it was coming, since he’d already pulled the Monkey and his camp chair under the canopy. Since it’s such a nice, steady rain, it honestly looks like a pretty great way to wake up and start your day. 

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