If you’ve been looking forward to Backcountry Discovery Routes’ shorter BDR-X adventures, then you’ll be happy to know that the second BDR-X route is now out. On August 31, 2022, the BDR folks officially dropped their newest route, the PA Wilds BDR-X. For those familiar with the existing Mid-Atlantic BDR, this new route can also function as a spur off of that one—heading into Pennsylvania, which isn’t a state where a bigger BDR currently exists. 

BDR-X routes are designed with sections, so you can dive in or out as you please—but they’re also designed to go in loops, making them ideal for people who may not have the multiple days necessary to complete a big, traditional BDR. The PA Wilds BDR-X incorporates parts of sections eight and nine of the MABDR before turning west into Pennsylvania, so you can also add it on to the MABDR if you’re just not ready for the ride to be over. 

The PA Wilds BDR-X consists of four sections, and is mostly dirt and gravel with small amounts of pavement here and there. Each section was built with lodging, food, and supply availability baked into the end—and of course, you can also camp if that’s your preference.  

According to organizers, the PA Wilds BDR-X is a great introduction to BDR riding for those who are new to this world. It’s conducive to riding on smaller bikes, as well as more traditionally large ADV bikes.

A lot of the route is fairly scenic and easygoing, with plenty of stops available to appreciate beautiful scenery, nature, and the wonders inherent in the parts of Pennsylvania that you’ll be riding through. Riders who want more of a challenge also have the option to add on some trickier sections, including one that’s pretty muddy and slippery, which you’ll see in the documentary film.  

Like other BDR routes, GPS tracks, downloadable maps, and other resources are all available on the official BDR website. If doing BDR events is something you aspire to do, there are also resources there to help you prepare yourself and your bike, including and especially training links. Since most riders are always looking to get better at our sport, these could be an important next step in your two-wheeled journey. 

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