Back to Classics is a channel on YouTube that covers vintage motorcycle rides and builds. Currently, the channel’s in the process of restoring a 1979 Ducati 900 Mike Hailwood replica. The series is just starting, with only one episode uploaded for now.

The Ducati 900s got their start back in 1978 with the Super Sport. The bikes ended up becoming racing machines in the Isle of Man TT, Grand Prixs, and endurance events. Mike Hailwood was one of the main drivers for the legend of the Ducati 900s, winning the 1978 Isle of Man TT. This was huge for Ducati, and so special edition Mike Hailwood replicas were made to pay homage to that victory and were a limited edition. Two hundred units were made in 1979, but due to the success of the model, the replicas entered into production by the year 1980.

The video spans a total of about 42 minutes, and it’s more than just a timelapse as is the case with quite a few cafe racer build features on the video streaming platform. The video covers a lot of ground which includes a brief history lesson on the Ducati Mike Hailwood replicas, what’s been done to the parts of the bike, and how it all comes together.

Everything on the build so far is quite detailed. Part one covers the frame, engine, suspension, instrumentation, and electricals. Back to Classics goes on to install all the rebuilt and refreshed parts, and by the end of the video, we’re left with a bike that’s about forty percent of the way done. We did get to see some of the other parts which included a few fairings, but perhaps part two will see the refurbished pieces installed on the bike. 

In the next few episodes, we can expect more from the channel as they install the wheels, bodywork, and the rest of the electrical components. Following that, expect a test ride video once everything comes together.

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