RS Taichi’s a Japanese gear maker that makes some great stuff. From jackets to gloves, to hoodies, and even baselayers, all of its products are of quality with an emphasis on innovation, in line with the phrase plastered onto almost all its products, “Innovative Technology.”

Back in 2021, the company first introduced LiquidWind. It was a technology that was developed with the Mandom Corporation and gave riders a cooling sensation every time the bottle was sprayed. Essentially, it was an undershirt with a couple of tubes surrounding your neck, an optional vest, and a spray bottle that houses the LiquidWind solution. Essentially, it is a sprinkler for your body. It also comes with a vest that creates an air pocket between your jacket and your body and it will amplify the airflow while you ride, and it’s also an optional extra for the kit.

The system is designed to be worn together with a jacket. Though, you don't have to use a summer Taichi jacket per se.

The system has a spritzer, tubes, a holster with a belt, and a tank. The main change for 2022 will be with the tank, as the old system used a plastic unit that wasn’t insulated. Much like a Kleen Kanteen or Hydroflask, this insulated bottle keeps the solution cool while you’re out on a ride, and the effect will allow you to feel more of the cooling sensation that this product from RS Taichi promises to deliver.

RS Taichi LiquidWind 2022

The new bottle is also much smaller in comparison to the old plastic tank that the system used. You still have to fill it up before you ride with the LiquidWind cooling water, which is more effective than normal water given that the solution is used at the same temperature. If you want to order the kit from RS Taichi, the prices are as follows:

RSP505 | LiquidWind Insulated Bottle Kit: ¥6,050 JPY including tax (about $45 USD)
RSU500 | LiquidWind Undershirt: ¥4,730 JPY including tax (about $35 USD)
RSU501 | LiquidWind Air Flow Vest: ¥5,940 JPYincluding tax (about $44 USD)

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