Many people can ride motorbikes, and still others can capture their travels on video. Some can even stitch together thoughtful video narratives that show all viewers the stories they want to tell. However, very few can do what Noraly—aka Itchy Boots—seems to do. Who else do you know that would accidentally find themselves in the middle of a rally across Baja, Mexico? 

For anyone just catching up, Noraly has been traveling from Ecuador up to Alaska, all aboard her trusty Honda CRF350L Rally. Through it all, she’s been narrating and filming her adventures, as well as uploading them to YouTube along the way. That way, everyone who watches can go on the journey with her, in their own way. 

In this video, she started out as she does most mornings, excited for the day’s adventures. This time was different, though. The trail she found herself on was absolutely beautiful, dotted with breathtaking scenery and desert flora that can only be found in this particular corner of the world. Some of the cacti were even flowering, adding further to the splendidness of the track. 

Now, Noraly has ridden in a proper rally before, when she tackled the Kalahari in 2021 as a first-time rider. This time, however, she found herself riding the wrong way down an apparently rally course as the rally was going on. Several riders rode past her in the other direction, as you’ll see in this video. 

Thankfully, none were going terribly fast, and she did her best to stay off the main line and keep to the side as she pushed onward. The expectation was that the four-wheeled rally participants would follow shortly after the bikes, even though there were no markers to indicate that this was a rally route. 

However, the path branched at a certain point, and it seems that the next bit of trail that Noraly chose wasn’t another part of the rally route. Instead, she was left alone to ride, and to experience the sheer joy of some of the most gorgeous desert landscape she says that she’s ever seen. Considering the depth and breadth of the riding that she’s shared on her YouTube channel, that’s saying something. 

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