Like all the best greenery and flowers in spring, Wheels and Waves 2022 sprang back, big and bold, to round out the end of June and also ring in July, 2022. To help celebrate after a couple of years away due to the pandemic, Honda Europe gathered ten of the Union’s coolest custom Rebel 1100s together. A selection of European custom shops carefully crafted their entries, and all were proudly displayed at WAW 2022. 

That was only one step in the process of determining this year’s ultimate winner, though. Now Honda Europe wants your help to determine which of these 10 bikes is Europe’s hands-down favorite in 2022. It is definitely a popularity contest, as the winner will be decided based on the public’s Likes—and ultimately declared in August, 2022. 

How do you vote? It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is go to the Honda Customs Europe webpage, which we’ll link in our Sources. After clicking the Get Started button, you’ll get to see photos of each of the Rebel 1100 builds in question. Interact with each one—thumbs up, thumbs down, swipe left or right—and make your votes count. Once you’ve gone through the entire lineup, you’ll have access to high-quality wallpapers of your favorite bikes that you can download.  

When you view each entry, you’ll be able to click a “More Images” link for each bike. That way, you can see it from all angles before you decide how you like it. Hitting the Left or Right arrows on the images will also let you scroll through the available photos for each bike.  

At the end of the pack, you’ll be given the option to download desktop or mobile wallpapers for each of the bikes you liked. You’re free to like as many as you want—or, of course, not like any. It’s all up to you. It’s July 14, 2022 as we write this, so you have some time before August to get votes in if you’re interested, as well as tell your friends about it if you think there’s something cool here they should see. 

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