The Kawasaki Z900RS is a favorite among retro aficionados looking for a bike that looks the part, but is packed with the bare essentials when it comes to modern-day technology. As is the case with all neo-retro offerings on the market, a vast aftermarket exists for the Kawasaki Z900RS—with accessories ranging from all-out performance to pure aesthetics.

Speaking of aesthetics, the beauty of neo-retro machines like the Kawasaki Z900RS not only lie in their classic styling, but also in the fact that they’re so easy to customize. Aftermarket parts are so plentiful that the sky’s the limit when it comes to personalizing your bike. To add to the already broad selection of accessories, Dice Performance Parts (DPP) has released a set of billet aluminum accessories for Kawasaki’s powerful neo-retro roadster. Dubbed the “Billet Parts Series for Z900RS,” the catalog comes with a choice selection of bolt-on accessories meant to give the bike a more custom and bespoke appearance.

DPP Releases Fancy Billet Aluminum Parts For Kawasaki Z900RS

DPP, headquarter in Vietnam, has beautifully crafted the billet parts consisting of engine hangers, frame caps, engine protectors, and a handlebar clamp, all of which stylized to match the factory design of the Kawasaki Z900RS. For starters, the engine hanger gets faux cooling fins, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the engine. Furthermore, it gives off the illusion of size, making the Z900RS look even bigger than it already is.

Up next, a simple yet tasteful set of frame caps, also made out of billet aluminum, has been released. It does a good job of cleaning up the look of the frame by covering exposed bolts—perfect for those who want their bikes to be as clean-looking as possible. Engine protectors and sliders are plentiful for the Z900RS, however, DPP’s alternative is the perfect style piece that also offers a lot of protection. It consists of billet-machined left and right engine case protectors, finished with cooling fins to match the style of the previously mentioned engine hangers, and the engine itself.

Last but not least, a beautiful billet aluminum handlebar clamp complete with the Kawasaki logo prominently machined on top completes the Billet Aluminum collection for the Z900RS. It bolts directly onto the stock handlebar risers giving off a very clean aesthetic. As for pricing, the engine hanger set retails for 76,780 Yen ($560 USD), while the frame set goes for 18,480 Yen ($135 USD). The engine protectors retail for 27,280 Yen ($199 USD), and the Handle Clamp carries a sticker price of 12,980 Yen ($95 USD).

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