It can be extremely difficult to find performance-oriented riding gear on a budget. Usually, manufacturers throw in tons of R&D to offer the safest, most comfortable equipment designed for use in sporting environments. Mainstream name brands tend to offer these products at astronomical prices, usually because of the logo embroidered or printed onto the gear.

Luckily, there are several other riding gear and equipment manufacturers out there that cater to a more budget-conscious group of riders. While boasting safety certifications at par with those of their more mainstream rivals, these brands offer the safety, comfort, and protection most riders would demand at a fraction of the cost. One such brand is MTech, an in-house development of European gear and equipment distributor Wheelup. Hailing from Italy, Wheelup not only distributes top-tier brands, but also develops its own sub-brands to cater to the younger, more budget-conscious segment.

MTech Introduces Its Sporty Ring Leather Riding Jacket

Its newest offering comes in the form of a sporty leather jacket with attributes associated with track-focused equipment. It's called the Ring Leather, and it's derived from the Ring track suit, inheriting all of its technological features. It is composed of leather, as the name says, in this instance bovine, with a thickness ranging from 1.2 to 1.3 mm. Unlike the suit, it's more suited (pun intended) for street riding because it can be mixed and matched with any jeans you like. Of course, it may also be worn as the top part of a two-piece suit with a pair of track trousers.

The MTech Ring Leather jacket is AAA approved, and it even has the aerodynamic hump found on race suits. MTech has included preformed and perforated sleeves, as well as a Fit n flex construction with stretchy leather and fabric bellows on the arms and hips, for comfort and breathability. The jacket is compatible with a level 2 back protector and a level 2 chest protector, and it can even be outfitted with extra padding during the colder months.

A slew of external protection on the shoulders, arms, and elbows (with interchangeable sliders) round out the Ring Leather's protective features, as do two external pockets for extra convenience. Finally, the MTech Ring Leather jacket is compatible with some electronic air bag systems, albeit the company does not specify which ones. The MTech Ring Leather is available in sizes 46-58 and in the hues black-red and white-red for 359 Euros (about $384 USD).

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