Jet helmets present themselves as a happy medium between scooter helmets and full-face touring helmets. Ideal for those riding around the city, as well the occasional trip out of town, jet lids are perfect for those who like to take it easy on the throttle, and go at a leisurely pace, as opposed to spirited rides on twisty roads. As such, the reduced frontal protection due to the lack of a chin bar is a compromise worth taking. 

There are loads of touring-oriented jet helmets on the market, with the newest offering coming from WheelUp. The helmet specialist introduces the Hype HP3.S-Plus, a touring jet helmet that boasts impressive tech and safety features. For starters, it comes with a long visor that extends down to the level of the chin. This significantly reduces wind noise, while adding a tiny bit more protection to the chin area. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in Sena Smart10 Bluetooth intercom which boasts connectivity up to 900 meters and a battery life of up to 12 hours. 

WheelUp Launches New Hype HP3.S-Plus Jet Touring Helmet
WheelUp Launches New Hype HP3.S-Plus Jet Touring Helmet

For added convenience, the Hype HP3.S-Plus features an internal drop-down sun visor, eliminating the need to wear sunglasses on sunny days on the saddle. It also features adequate ventilation with an upper air intake upfront and a heat extractor at the back. The helmet's inner liners are completely removable and washable for added longevity. For easy wearing and removal, the Hype HP3.S-Plus features a quick-release micrometric closure. 

The Hype HP3.S-Plus features an outer shell constructed out of a thermoplastic material. WheelUp offers a two-year warranty for the lid's electronic components, and a five-year warranty for the helmet itself. Available in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL, the Hype HP3.S-Plus comes in three colors consisting of Glossy White, Metal Titanium, and Matte Black. As for pricing, it's on the affordable side at just 169 Euros, translating to the equivalent of around $176 USD. 

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