Dressing up in full gear, especially heavy duty gear specific for sportbike riders, can be extremely uncomfortable during summer. Leathers tend to be extremely hot, and sweating buckets whilst donning your favorite leather kit isn’t just uncomfortable, but will also be a hassle to wash once you finish riding. Luckily, there are tons of breathable leather and textile gear options out there which are designed specifically for summertime use.

RST, a British company, is introducing a new pair of gloves to its line for motorcyclists searching for sporty style equipment who aim to hit the road this summer while avoiding heat exhaustion. The Shorties are composed of leather sections on the back of the hand and on the palm, with many perforations on the top to enable air to enter through. The palm contains Amara inserts for a better grip on the handlebars and a natural tactile experience while toggling the bike's settings.

British Gear And Equipment Maker RST Launches Shortie Leather Gloves

The equipment maker has added a pre-shaped finger structure with additional accordion zones to enhance mobility for comfort. The seams are also external, providing more comfort and stiffness in the case of a collision. The elastic cuff is mid-length and includes a Velcro strap closing for a tight yet comfortable fit. There is also a tactile inlay on the index finger that allows you to use your phone or GPS device without removing your gloves.

In addition to the leather's resilience, the Shortie has cushioning and reinforcements on the palm, as well as a carbon shell to protect the knuckles. As a consequence, the glove has received CE certification up to level 1KP. In terms of aesthetics, the RST Shortie is clearly influenced by full gauntlet race gloves specific to top-tier supersports in both cut and design. It does, however, trade improved protection for enhanced comfort, making it ideal for street riding and extended days on the saddle.

British Gear And Equipment Maker RST Launches Shortie Leather Gloves

RST is offering the new Shortie gloves in either Black or Black and White color schemes, with a price tag of 79.99 Euros, making out to around $86 USD. Sizes range from XS to 2XL. Do note that pricing may vary depending on where in the world you ship to.

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