If you’re a fan of small-displacement scooters, be it for leisure or utility, you’re probably familiar with the Suzuki Let’s. This tiny scooter has gained quite a following, especially in the Asian market, thanks to its super easy going nature, and affordable price tag. First introduced in 2014, the Let’s is manufactured by Suzuki’s Indian subsidiary, and has made its way to several markets in Asia.

Is The Suzuki Let’s Basket The Cutest Way To Get Around Town?
Is The Suzuki Let’s Basket The Cutest Way To Get Around Town?

Apart from its cute stature and approachable nature, the Let’s also incorporates some pretty cool tech from the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. For starters, it’s powered by Suzuki’s diminutive 49cc, four-stroke engine which employs Suzuki’s Eco Performance (SEP) technology. Featuring lightened rocker arms and revisions to the valve angle, the Let’s has one of the most fuel-efficient scooter engines in the market.

Following the success of the Let’s, Suzuki is launching a new iteration of this small scooter in the form of the Let’s Basket. As the name suggests, it features a basket up front, making it ideal for running errands in and around the city. Take it to the weekend farmer’s market, or on a quick stroll around the neighborhood to deliver stuff with. What’s cool is that he basket even gets a roll-type closure ensuring your precious cargo is kept in check. Personally, I think the basket adds quite a bit of charm to the scooter, too.

Apart from the addition of the large basket up front capable of storing 25 liters of cargo, the Let’s Basket also inherits the large under-seat storage from the standard Let’s. Given its diminutive proportions, its maximum output of 3.7 horsepower seems pretty decent—more than enough to shuttle you around town at a leisurely pace. It gets a 4.8-liter gas tank, too, so you can probably get a few days’ worth of commuting before you’ll be needing to fuel it up again.

In Japan, the Let’s Basket has been launched at a price tag of 185,900 Yen, which makes out to around $1,424 USD. It’s available in two charming colorways consisting of Glass Midnight Brown and Solid Special White No. 2.

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