Do your summer plans for 2022 involve riding in New Jersey? If they do, then you may want to know what the state has up its sleeve for the warmest season of the year. As of Memorial Day weekend, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy officially announced a program of free admission to every single state park, forest, and recreation area located within New Jersey’s borders. 

There’s no residency restriction, either. Whether you’re a New Jersey resident or you’re just passing through, you’re welcome to check out some of the state’s natural beauty, free of charge. What’s more, if you already purchased a 2022 annual State Park pass, your money will be refunded. 

Only admission to New Jersey state parks, forests, and recreation areas are waived. Other fees, such as those for camping reservations, fishing permits, or other activities-related fees within individual parks, are not included and will be charged at regular rates.  

It’s also worth noting that the state of New Jersey officially prohibits dirt bike and ATV use in all state parks and forests, with no exceptions. So, while you can certainly visit some of the best natural beauty that New Jersey has to offer while on board your road-legal motorcycle, or do some motocamping, showing up and expecting to take your dirt bike out on the trails isn’t allowed in 2022. 

“Presented in our FY2023 budget, the bold steps we have taken toward a more affordable Garden State will ensure access to our state parks for everyone – residents and visitors alike,” Governor Murphy said in a statement. 

“While incentivizing tourism and economic activity in our local communities, the fee holiday also promotes access to green, open space; thriving waterways; and the many natural wonders that make us proud to call New Jersey our home. We thank the Department of Environmental Protection for its devoted environmental stewardship, which enables each and every New Jerseyan to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that safe outdoor activities provide,” he continued. 

Natural areas are great places to stop and stretch your legs, whether you’re on a short ride or a long one. Bring some snacks and/or lunch and make it a picnic—and have one less fee to worry about paying if you’re in New Jersey while you do it. 

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