2022 marks the 50th anniversary for Italian helmet manufacturer Nolan. During the past half-century, Nolan has continued to push helmet technology and protection to new heights. From developing the first micrometric buckle to implementing the first spring-loaded visor to releasing the first modular flip-up helmet, the brand has remained a major player in the industry.

Even world-class racers such as Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, and Danilo Petrucci have donned Nolan/X-Lite helmets on the Grand Prix circuit. Today, Nolan still serves the very best riders in the world, channeling the race-bred safety features into its lineup, but it also caters to the entry-level market with its Grex brand.

Nolan has come a long way since 1972. To celebrate the firm’s semicentennial, Nolan will release special-edition versions of its N100-5 PLUS, N80-8, X-1005, and X-803 RS Ultra Carbon models. The 50th-anniversary design simultaneously acknowledges storied history with retro-inspired graphics. While the design remains similar across the range, Nolan adapts the decals to fit the size and proportion of each lid.

The white, red, and black livery also pay homage to the brand’s Italian roots, while modern finishes like carbon fiber capture Nolan/X-Lite’s performance-driven approach. Playing into the golden anniversary, each helmet will feature gold Nolan and X-Lite logos. The four special-edition helmets share similar designs, tech, and features, but the Nolan lids offer a polycarbonate shell while the X-Lite helmets boast carbon fiber shells.

The N80-8 50th Anniversary will retail for €319.99 ($330 USD) while the N100-5 Plus 50th Anniversary commands €479.99 ($500 USD). On the X-Lite side, the X-1005 Ultra Carbon 50th Anniversary goes for €699.99 ($725 USD), and the X-803 RS Ultra Carbon 50th Anniversary: €729.99 ($760 USD).

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