Yamaha has introduced a slew of updates to its popular three-wheeled commuter, the Tricity. Available in either 125 and 155 flavors, the Tricity gained popularity for its unique three-wheeled design. Similarly, the MT-09 based Nikes 900 utilizes a similar front end design as that of the Tricity. The updated three-wheeled scooter will make its way to Europe in September 2022.

Let’s start things off with the engines. Both the 125cc and 155cc mills feature similar tech with Yamaha’s proprietary Blue Core technology taking center stage. The 125cc version cranks out 12.1 horsepower, while the 155cc version, featuring an engine similar to what we find in other scooters from Yamaha's lineup, dishes out a healthier 15 ponies. A new forged piston and cylinder head, as well as a bigger intake valve increase power and response across the dev range. Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) also offers optimized timing across the rev range.

Yamaha Updates The Tricity 125 And 155 In Europe

Another significant change to the Tricity comes in the form of its front end. The LMW Ackermann steering system has been updated slightly so as to ensure a more natural feel, especially when taking corners. The revisions, according to Yamaha, are meant to keep both front wheels turning concentrically even when the scooter is leaned over at an aggressive angle. This translates to sharper, more confidence-inspiring handling.

Apart from the revised geometry of the front end, the new Tricity gets some chassis revision, too. It’s a tad longer, with 60mm more wheelbase than the previous version. Revised engine mounts are also said to give the scooter a better balance and reduce vibrations from the engine. Given the slightly longer wheelbase, you can expect the scooter to be more stable in a straight line, as well as when taking corners at speed.

Last but not least, Yamaha has made some significant changes to the bike’s starting system. It now makes use of a Starter Generator Control Unit and Smart Motor Generator. This eliminates the use of a conventional starter motor as it turns the crankshaft directly. The setup eliminates the loud noise of a conventional starter motor, meaning the Tricity can start very, very quietly. On top of that, a new Start/ Stop system has been added for increased fuel efficiency. The new Tricity will become available across Europe starting September 2022.

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