Motorcycle-specific luggage solutions continue to evolve. I, for one, used to think that aluminum cases and panniers from top-tier manufacturers were the be-all-end-all luggage solution for ADV riders. However, it turns out soft luggage is a lot more versatile in certain cases, and looks the part, too. It’s a lot lighter, as well—something that’s much appreciated when you take your ADV bike through some technical single track trails.

It’s precisely because of the ever-changing needs of adventure riders that aftermarket manufacturers are tweaking their luggage offerings. Bikes like the Yamaha Tenere 700 and KTM 890 Adventure R have dramatically elevated the capabilities of the good old ADV. One such manufacturer is Enduristan, a brand whose products cater specifically to the needs of adventure riders. Its newest product comes in the form of completely waterproof soft saddlebags called the Monsoon EVO. The brand stakes a hefty claim: the Monsoon EVO is “the world’s toughest 100 percent waterproof luggage.”

Well, if you’re talking about soft luggage, then they certainly stand a chance. On paper, the Monsoon EVO is pretty robust, as it makes use of a three-layer fabric construction. Fabric-welded seams ensure waterproofing and abrasion resistance. The bags have an edge integrated into the corners, too, giving them a bit of structure especially when they’re not filled to the brim. It also gives the bag a bit of structural rigidity to protect your belongings in the event of a tip over.

Perhaps the biggest benefit the Enduristan Monsoon EVO presents itself with is weight savings. This is especially true when compared to conventional aluminum or plastic panniers. Enduristan claims that the Monsoon EVO system comes in at around six pounds including all the brackets and mounting plates. Other setups can tip the scales well over 11 pounds. With weight mounted this high up on the motorcycle, it’ll certainly translate to a nimbler and more agile riding experience if you can keep the weight down.

Enduristan is offering the Monsoon EVO saddlebags in two sizes—24 and 34 liters, each sold separately and individually. This makes for a rather versatile setup in which the executions are virtually endless. You could opt for a 34 liter bag on the left side and a 24 liter on the right to accommodate your exhaust system. You could even run just one bag for shorter rides or day-trips. As for pricing, the 24-liter saddlebag will set you back $419.99 USD, while the 34-liter model retails for $449.99 USD.

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