Moto Guzzi dedicated 2021 to celebrating its centennial, but the brand has had an eye on the future ever since. After unveiling the V100 Mandello at EICMA 2021, Moto Guzzi presented a comprehensive redesign of its Mandello Del Lario facility. The factory and community spaces will be even more welcoming to the public, and the renovated Moto Guzzi Museum has set the tone for the new campus.

Reponed on April 29, 2022, the Moto Guzzi Museum now welcomes visitors with an additional ground level and a revised floor plan. To help distinguish the brand’s wide-ranging catalog, curators organized the displayed motorcycles into three specific categories: production, racing, and military models. In all, the revamped museum showcases 160 iconic Guzzis that have been expertly restored over the past few months.

Taking attendees on a journey through Moto Guzzi’s storied history, the layout designers ordered each section chronologically. When museum-goers enter the new space, the 1919 G.P. prototype greets them. Moving on to the second floor, the exhibition highlights the brand’s early production units and military models. The tour then returns to the first floor for some racing heritage, with the Otto Cilindri race bike and a new exhibit honoring Isle of Man TT-winner Omobono Tenni headlining the space.

Moto Guzzi celebrates its oddball creations as well, featuring the Mulo Meccanico and Trialce sidecar in the museum’s third section. Organizers couldn’t forget about recent years either and a portion of the new ground level is dedicated to Guzzi models produced since 2000 such as the California 1400 and Stelvio 1200. Mainstays like the Galletto 192, V7 Sport, and Griso will certainly command attention, but the new museum also recognizes Moto Guzzi’s lesser-known vehicles.

Those interested in visiting the updated Moto Guzzi Museum will rejoice at the free admission. Visits must be booked in advance, however, and Museum hours are 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm Mondays through Thursdays and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

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