If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast living in Germany, particularly in the Feldberg region, then you’re in for some really bad news. The authorities have temporarily closed off some roads in this area to motorcyclists following several noise complaints from residents. The restriction has already taken effect in April, 2022, and is expected to last until October.

The local authorities are considering the restriction as a sort of test, to see if outright banning motorcycles in certain roads is something that’s sustainable in the long run. However, it isn’t exactly clear just what the parameters of the restrictions entail. All we know is that motorcycles will be banned on certain roads in the region “every second weekend of the month, from April up to and including October”, as highlighted in an article by the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations. Which roads exactly, as well as whether the ban extends to electric motorcycles and scooters, too, is still unclear.

The implemented bans on motorcycles every other weekend serve as a so called “noise break” for residents in the region, who really seem to have had enough when it comes to the noise produced by two-wheelers zipping by. This decision, of course, was anything but unanimous, as several people in the region rely on two-wheelers to go about with their work, as well as view motorcycling as a valuable recreational activity. On top of that, Germany as a whole is a large motorcycle market, being the homeland of BMW and a plethora of other gear, equipment, and component manufacturers.

All that being said, the motorcycling community in Germany, which goes by the German Federation of Motorcyclists (BVDM), has been trying to open a dialogue with local authorities regarding the issue for over a year now, to no avail. As such, several German motorcycling communities will be expressing their dissatisfaction with the ruling through a protest scheduled for May 14, 2022, in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe.

It’s unfortunate that bans on motorcycles due to noise are starting to roll out in Europe. Germany isn’t the first country to begin implementing these restrictions. France, too, has long been experimenting on ways to mitigate noise pollution from two-wheelers, particularly gas-powered delivery scooters in Paris. Because of this growing concern and awareness surrounding pollution—be it noise or otherwise, one can’t help but see the future of our beloved passion in a rather grim light.

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