BMW introduced the R 18 platform in 2020. Since then, the stripped-down cruiser gained touring capabilities with the R 18 Classic, R 18 B, and R 18 Transcontinental trims. While some customers will spring for the fully-loaded models, some prefer to equip the standard R 18 for the open road with aftermarket accessories.

Germany-based BMW specialists Hornig offer accessories for everything from the R 80 to the F 900 XR. For the R 18, Hornig delivers both classic cruiser styling and modern practicality with a full range of touring-oriented add-ons. The base model R 18 may lack luggage, but the Hornig’s rigid, leather saddlebags provide 34 liters (9 gallons) of storage capacity. Customers can increase the R 18’s long haul capability with an expandable tank bag offering 10-15 liters (2.6-4 gallons) of volume.

Gallery: Hornig BMW R 18 Accessories

Of course, comfort is at the top of the touring priority list, and Hornig’s seat conversion and passenger sissy bar/backrest allow riders and passengers to go the distance. The Hornig crash bar protects the outboard cylinders in the event of a tip-over, but the removable, non-slip rubber pads allow riders to rest their feet on the 38mm tubing. An aluminum grille shields the radiator from debris and a tinted touring windscreen adds weather and wind protection.

While the R 18 favors back-to-basics styling and electronics, Hornig offers a RAM GPS mount for long-distance journeys. In addition to the touring components, a set of Remus CUSTOM V2 silencers and a rear lift kit add extra performance to the big-bore boxer. Those looking to improve the R 18 aesthetics can also add Hornig’s oil cap, steering head cover with emblem, and an adjustable stainless steel license plate carrier.

BMW still positions the R 18 as its bare-bones cruiser, but with Hornig’s extensive accessories collection, R 18 customers can take to the open road this riding season.

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