Tork Motors’ Kratos electric motorcycle rolls out of the company’s factory in India. After six years of development and planning, Tork is proud to announce that it will be gearing up to start deliveries to its first few customers.

The first time that Tork Motors showcased the Kratos’ prototype was back in 2016. Back then, the concept was called the T6X. After about six years later, the model saw a launch in India back in January, 2022, to much acclaim. Priced at just ₹ 1.08 lakh INR (about $1,400 USD) for the standard model and ₹ 1.23 lakh (about $1,600 USD) for the more powerful Tork Kratos R, eager customers who’ve placed their orders can expect Tork Motors to fulfill their end of the bargain sometime soon.

"It's time for #Thenewrace. We are gearing up to deliver the first set of bikes to our customers. Today marks a very important day in the journey of Tork Motors. The Kratos R has won the hearts of the customers and I am overwhelmed with the love, faith and patience our customers have shown in us. Our current focus is Pune city and the first set of motorcycles will be delivered in April 2022. We will soon start calling our customers and sharing further information," said Kapil Shelke, the founder and CEO of Tork Motors.

The standard model comes with a 7.5 kilo-Watt motor that makes 10 horsepower, which is about the same power as a 125cc to 150cc gasoline-powered motorcycle. Top speed for the standard Kratos is pinned at 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour). Range with the built-in lithium-ion battery pack is estimated at 111 miles, or 180 kilometers in metric, however, Tork stated that the true range is closer to about 75 miles (120 kilometers).

Meanwhile, the Kratos R features a 9 kilo-Watt electric motor that makes 12 horsepower and has a beefier serving of torque. On top of this, the ‘R’ features a fast charging feature that can get its battery pack topped up to 80 percent in just an hour. The ‘R’ also gets a slight bump in top speed, at about 65 miles per hour (105 kilometers per hour).

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