If you’re one of the lucky few who frequently travels the world to ride motorcycles in different parts of the globe, not only do I envy you with all my might, but I’m also sure you’ve figured out how to pack your riding gear in a safe and secure way such that it doesn’t get lost or damaged while in transit. These days, there are products for the most specific of niches, including bags designed to carry just a helmet.

That’s exactly what this new bag from DMP is. It’s simply called the Easy, and it’s a straightforward helmet backpack. As you can see, it takes the shape of a helmet, meaning it’ll likely look and feel pretty weird if you use it to carry other stuff. I mean, don’t get me wrong, nothing's stopping you from using it like any other backpack, it’s just that it was designed specifically to carry a helmet.

So yes, it’s ideal for those of you who travel with your riding gear, but not necessarily with your bike, since you’ll be wearing your helmet while riding, obviously. It’s also ideal for those who like to, for whatever reason, carry a spare helmet around with them when they ride. Personally, several years ago, when I was still working in the corporate world, I’d ride my motorbike to the office daily, and I’d keep my helmet in a bag similar to this when I was at the office. I’d leave the bag in my drawer when I wasn’t using it though, so it never really left my office. Nonetheless, it was pretty useful.

DMP’s Easy helmet backpack is made out of polyester and has a single large internal compartment. Inside the bag, it’s lined with a soft, velvety interior to keep your helmet scratch-free, and serve as a bumper for when it snags or knocks things around, if your as clumsy as I am, that is. DMP, a subsidiary brand of French equipment maker Dafy, has also integrated thick backpack straps and even a sternum strap, making it comfortable to wear even while riding—ideal for carrying a spare helmet around, say, for your pillion.

This rather nifty bit of kit is available only in black, and retails for an affordable 29.90 Euros, or around $34 USD.

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