Ducati delivered its most significant change to the Panigale V4 platform when it released the 2022 V4 and V4 S in November, 2021. While the Italian firm lived up to its reputation with race-bred aero, ergonomics, and engine, most importantly, the superbike’s revised electronics make it easier to ride for mere mortals.

However, Ducati saved the best for last, and with its final World Premiere event of the 2022 model year, the Bologna brand presents the 2022 Panigale V4 SP2. The top-tier sportbike may represent the tautest version of the Panigale V4 family, but it shares many traits with its siblings. The MotoGP-derived 1,103cc, Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine remains the belle of the ball, still producing 210 horsepower at 12,500 rpm and 90.6 lb-ft of torque at 11,000 rpm.

Owners can also trim the fat and add extra power with a full-titanium Akrapovic system. The Ducati Performance racing exhaust not only sheds 11 pounds but also boosts torque to 96.6 lb-ft and generates 228 horsepower. Supporting that powerhouse of a powerplant is an aluminum front frame that leverages the Desmosedici Stradale as a stressed member.

Gallery: 2022 Ducati Panigale SP2

Just like its relatives, the SP2 also features a newly-positioned mounting point for the aluminum swingarm, resulting in better anti-squat upon acceleration. The chassis also benefits from an Öhlins NPX 25/30 front end, TTX36 rear shock, and steering damper, which comprise Öhlins’ Smart EC 2.0 system. Finally, the SP2 also utilizes the same gear-by-gear torque curves and four Power Modes (Full, High, Medium, and Low) to tame the V4-powered beast.

Unlike its counterparts, the SP2 ups the ante with 5-split spoke carbon wheels. The lightweight wheelset saves 3.1 pounds compared to the forged aluminum hoops found on the standard Panigale V4 and V4 S. While that sounds like modest weight savings, the carbon wheels produce an inertia reduction of 26 percent at the front end and 46 at the rear. That extra side-to-side agility should help track riders with tricky chicanes and tight turns.

More powerful Brembo Stylema R calipers fed by a Brembo 19.21 MCS master cylinder will allow riders full control on corner approach. Additionally, the WSBK-derived STM-EVO SBK dry clutch delivers the most efficient anti-hopping function for aggressive downshifts before corner entry. Each SP2 also comes with a license plate holder removal cover and billet aluminum mirror hole covers to make track conversion easier than ever.

The SP2’s adjustable Rizoma footpegs enable riders to find the perfect balance between comfort and ground clearance, while the carbon fiber heel guard saves precious grams. Along with the standard Street and Sport ride modes, the two track-oriented modes (Race A and Race B) and a Track Evo display option suit the circuit. The Ducati Data Analyzer + kit with GPS module also comes standard, and customers can load the Slick Ducati Performance Software as an add-on.

Like the Ducati Panigale V4 SP before it, the SP2 comes in a Winter Test livery with a matte black base, brushed aluminum fuel tank, and red accents. The single-seater configuration communicates the SP2’s sporty intentions and the double-profile carbon fiber winglets and carbon fiber front fender complete the look. With an MSRP of $39,500, the limited production 2022 Panigale V4 SP2 will be available in North America by mid-2022 and delivered by Q4 2022.

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