When Buell Motorcycles CEO Bill Melvin resurrected the marque in February, 2021, some American V-twin fans rejoiced while others remained skeptical. Retaining much of the brand’s previous design language, the “new” models looked dated next to today’s superbike and hypernaked contenders. Not to mention, the man himself, Erik Buell, wasn’t contributing to the nameplate’s latest revival.

Despite the noise, Buell Motorcycles has forged ahead over the past year, opening its Buellvana purchasing platform. While customers can already reserve a production slot for the 2022 Hammerhead 1190 or 1190SX, Buell will unveil two new production model prototypes at the 81st annual Daytona Bike Week.

During Buell’s initial relaunch, the firm revealed renders of its SuperTouring 1190 and touted the 2020 2020 AMA National Hill Climb Championship-winning 1190HCR. While the brand includes both models under its current lineup on the company website, we haven’t seen a physical example of the SuperTouring 1190 or a production version of the 1190HCR. That will all change on Saturday, March 5, 2022, at Daytona Bike Week, when Buell is set to unveil its new sport tourer and the Baja DR (Dune Racer).


“This is a pivotal moment for American motorcycles and really puts Buell on the map. We are on track to build the world’s fastest and solely American-built production off-road bike,” said Buell Motorcycles CEO Bill Melvin.” It will give riders the freedom to go anywhere in the world, faster and with more power, harnessing our 1190 engine.”

Featuring the same Rotax-derived 1,190cc engine found in the Hammerhead and SX, the 72-degree V-twin produces 175hp and 101 lb-ft of torque. The lofty seat height sits at 37 inches but riders can adjust the swingarm to achieve the appropriate wheelbase (66-70 inches). Buell will start production on the Baja DR in 2023 and the 175-horsepower dirt bike will start at $19,995.

SuperTouring 1190 will serve a much different customer. In the new sport-tourer, the big-bore V-twin will crank out 185 horsepower and retain a peak torque of 101 lb-ft. Buell also promises a comprehensive SuperTouring accessories and parts catalog for intrepid adventurers. The company will kick off production in Fall 2022 and the SuperTouring 1190 will retail for $21,9995.

As soon as Buell lifts the covers on the two new prototypes, customers can reserve a Baja DR or SuperTouring 1190 at Buell’s website. Those hoping to get a closer look before paying the $25 reservation fee can check out the Buell Motorcycles booth at Daytona Bike week from March 5-13, 2022.

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