At the start of 2021, Pirelli updated its Diablo Rosso line of sport tires. Later that year, the brand introduced the Diablo Rosso IV Corsas, which is the top-tier model in the lineup. Now, there’s another new addition to the Diablo Rosso range, and that’s the same exact Corsa variant, but with some special commemorative branding on its sidewall.

To honor the brand’s 150-year history, Pirelli’s highest-performing tire from the Diablo Rosso range will get a special 150th Anniversary logo stamped on its sidewall in Pirelli’s signature shade of yellow. Unfortunately, there will be no performance benefits to this addition, just a lot of cool factor in reverence to one of the most storied and celebrated rubber companies for both cars and motorcycles.

The Pirelli brand was established in 1872, and 2022 marks the brand’s 150th year of existence. The Corsas were launched in December of 2021, but the new production will get the logo along with all of the performance that the Diablo Rosso Corsa IV line promises. With or without the branding, the tire boasts the best performance that Pirelli can offer in the Diablo Rosso lineup and it's meant to cater to riders who like to go fast.

Sportbikes, hypernakeds, and sport tourers that are in need of some new rubber can opt for the Corsa tires if handling and dynamic riding are at the top of the rider’s wish list. The tire offers some of the grippiest compounds, yet can still last quite a few miles given its silica-rich center band. However, keep in mind that these tires will wear down faster than the other variants in the range.

The Diablo Rosso IV Corsas are strategically positioned to be the choice for riders who are looking for a middle-ground between Pirelli’s Supercorsa SP semi-slick tires, and the standard Diablo Rosso IVs. As such, the tread pattern on these tires still features sipes to displace water enough for road use.

Only 17-inch sizes will be available for these tires with varying widths for different bikes. Front tires come in at 110 to 120-width sizes while rears can range from 150, 180, 190, and 200-widths with 55 to 60 tire profile sizes.

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