MotoGP racers are undoubtedly among the top athletes in the world. If you did a quick search of any of the riders' workout regimens, I'm pretty sure you'd be surprised to see the activities included in their exercise routine. These athletes train themselves to handle all types of situations on track—not just from a physical standpoint, but from a mental perspective, too. 

A big part of these racers' training includes cross-training activities. You'll often see MotoGP and WorldSBK racers engage in motocross racing, mountain and road cycling, or even rock climbing. Not only does cross-training give you a much needed mental break from your sport, it also develops other motor skills and muscle groups that could very much come in handy in a race or tournament. 

With the 2022 MotoGP season just months away, all the riders are hard at work getting in the best shape of their lives. You can see what they're all up to by taking a quick peek at their Instagram profiles. Interestingly, the Marquez brothers, Marc and Alex, have been cross-training on the circuit aboard shiny new go karts from CRG. The two brothers were seen flexing their racing talents aboard two-stroke racing karts, which were handed over to them by the Italian company. 

Marc and Alex Márquez's starting numbers, 93 and 73, were likewise on the karts. Marc was wearing Alpinestars Repsol Honda racing overalls that were comparable to his MotoGP attire. Meanwhile, Alex Marquez was spotted wearing a blue Alpinestars racing suit. Prior to the action on the Vendrell kart track near Tarragona, the Márquez brothers and the circuit manager, Carlos Gil, signed a partnership agreement, implying that the brothers will be back for more action in the near future.

Marquez Brothers Prepare For Upcoming Race Season On Go Karts

Formula One legends like Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, and Max Verstappen all practiced in go karts—specifically, CRG machines. Valentino Rossi, the retired MotoGP legend, has vast go-kart racing expertise. Karting, whether in two-wheeled or four-wheeled racing, is an excellent way to develop and maintain racing acumen. Marc Márquez, for example, uses the intense centrifugal forces in the racing kart to check his physical fitness following severe upper arm difficulties.

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