Racing has been a part of Honda’s DNA since Soichiro Honda founded the company in 1948. After joining Grand Prix motorcycle racing in 1961, Team Red has amassed over 800 wins, 31 premier class rider championships, and 15 wins in a single MotoGP season. Thanks to that success, the brand established the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) to handle its motorcycle racing endeavors in 1982.

However, HRC is receiving a makeover in 2022. Following Honda’s withdrawal from Formula 1 as an engine supplier, the firm is consolidating both motorcycle and automotive racing efforts under the HRC banner.

“Starting this season, Honda will further strengthen its motorsports operation and capability by adding automobile racing activities to Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), which has been operating Honda’s motorcycle racing activities,” announced HRC President Toshihiro Mibe. “This will enable Honda to achieve mutual collaboration of the technologies and know-how Honda has amassed in the respective areas of motorcycle and automobile racing and increase the efficiency of motorsports operations.”


To mark the new era, HRC redesigned its iconic logo with a slightly-slanted font and darker shades of blue and red. The new look not only celebrates the inclusion of car racing but also hints at Honda’s forward progress in both electrification and alternative fuels.

“In order to strive to make motorsports sustainable and more attractive for everyone, we will take on challenges in other areas such as carbon-neutral fuels and combustion technologies, in addition to electrification,” Mibe added. “Technologies we refine through motorsports will be incorporated into various products, not only for motorsports, which will continue to support future Honda.”

While HRC will take on more initiatives under the new banner, Mibe clarifies that racing is still in Honda’s DNA. Just like the brand’s storied past, HRC will use racing projects to help develop new models and technologies. The HRC may have contemporized its logo to match its new goals, but Mibe and team hope the brand enjoys the same level of success in the future.

“In order to fulfill the expectations of motorsports fans and Honda fans and customers all around the world, we will continue devoting our energy to motorsports, through the ‘new’ HRC that integrates our motorcycle and automobile racing activities,” concluded Mibe. “Moreover, Honda will continue taking on new challenges so that we can continue sharing dreams and exciting and inspirational moments with our fans and customers.”

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