Are you planning to attend any Yamaha Champions Riding School events in 2022? If you’ve been thinking about it, but aren’t sure about having the right gear to participate, then we’ve got some good news for you. YCRS and Dainese just announced a multi-year partnership as of January 18, 2022, bringing some of the best track training and motorcycle protective gear together at last. 

Under this partnership, Dainese is now the official apparel supplier for Yamaha Champions Riding School, and all of the school’s instructors will be fully outfitted with the latest and greatest Dainese gear, including the newest generation of D-Air airbag technology. What’s more, students of the two-day ChampSchool programs will have options to either rent or buy Dainese gear at events. Helmets and a selection of Yamaha motorcycles are also available to rent, as well. 

As of January 18, 2022, the 2022 YCRS ChampSchool calendar has events planned throughout the U.S. for 11 out of the 12 months of the year. Only July currently has no events planned. Multiple states are covered, as well.  

On January 20, YCRS will touch down in Florida at Homestead Miami Speedway. From there, the school heads to Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, Colorado, Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina throughout the year. Many states have multiple events planned, so be sure to check the calendar closely if you’re interested in possibly attending. 

“Dainese is the perfect partner to help supply students who may not have their own equipment,” YCRS CEO Nick lenatsch said in a statement. “Having a complete line of safety equipment available to students eliminates one of the main objections to acquiring proper motorcycle training, and our students deserve the best technology available, which is why we’re honored to be partnering with Dainese.” 

“Improving safety and education has always been the top priority at Dainese,” Fabio Alt, General Manager and CFO of Dainese USA said in a statement. “The partnership with Yamaha Champions Riding School is a commitment to that. The YCRS ChampSchool is taught by some of the best instructors in the world and at the best racetrack facilities in North America. Through this collaboration, we will have the ability to connect with new riders across the country and help support their advancement as motorcyclists.” 

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