All across the globe, electric motorcycles are reshaping the transportation sector and transforming the way businesses go about their operations. In Africa, electric motorcycles are the next big thing when it comes to mobility, more specifically, ride-sharing services. We’re all familiar with Uber, and the convenience it offers to our daily lives. With operations across the globe, it’s natural that Uber’s business model differs per region.

If it’s cars that have become the norm in the U.S., motorcycles are more popular Uber rides in developing regions such as Africa. Instead of car-sharing, bike-sharing is a lot cheaper and more practical for getting from one place to another. With that in mind, Swedish-African electric motorcycle manufacturer Opibus has struck a deal with Uber in Africa to accelerate the adoption of electric motorcycles in the continent. Uber will now be deploying electric motorcycles across its fleet in Africa, and will be used by the company’s drivers in order to meet the ever-growing demand for accessible personal mobility.

Uber Is Going Green In Africa With Electric Motorcycles

In total, 3,000 electric motorcycles will be supplied by Opibus to Uber, with the specific model being tailored to Africa’s road infrastructure and environmental conditions. As you can see, the electric motorcycle in question takes the form of a lightweight dual sport that features a rugged design. This makes it capable of tackling both paved roads and light off-road duty in rural towns. On top of this, the electric motorcycle features a dual battery pack for extended range, as well as the ability to quickly swap out batteries, giving it a continuous operating cycle.

Commenting on the partnership, Mikael Gånge, Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Opibus stated: “We're seeing a huge demand for locally designed electric motorcycles on the African continent, and by working with UBER we've now been able to prove the feasibility for large scale deployment.” In 2022, Opibus is expected to scale up its production and expand operations into other parts of the African Continent.

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