We frequently celebrate custom projects from the industry’s top builders, but every customizer has to start somewhere. For Brent Smedley, that start came after purchasing a 2006 Ducati Monster S2R 800 with only 3,500 miles on the clock. Outside of Smedley’s 9-to-5 in sports medicine at a local university, the garage builder learned metal fabrication in his off-time. That training allowed Smedley to build his dream bike, which he named Antevasine.

Starting with the like-new Monster, the moonlight builder retained the air-cooled, four-valve, 803cc, Desmodromic V-twin, but ditched most of the stock frame. With only the steering head intact, Smedley fabricated an exoskeleton frame that now houses the mighty mill and hand-made custom gas tank. The budding metal master didn’t stop there, though. He also fabricated the front fender, electronics housing, gauge mount, battery compartment, and stainless steel exhaust.

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Smedley may have preserved the single-sided swingarm and 17-inch wheelset, but he also updated the front end with Speedymoto triple clamps and a Ducati Monster S4R fork assembly. The part-time builder didn’t mess with the Desmodromic V-twin's internals, but a Microtec ECU, custom velocity stacks, and custom oil cooler line help the aging powerplant perform better than ever.

To match the Antevasine’s aggressive stance, Smedley adopted clip-on handlebars while Motogadget controls, instrument cluster, and turn signals modernize the Monster. Aside from completing the fabrication, painting, and electrical wiring in my single-car garage, Smedley outsourced the project’s powder coating and seat upholstery. Even so, the after-hours customizer should be proud of the Antevasine, and the work that went into the build.

“It's a strange feeling. To dedicate so much of oneself to one goal,” admitted Smedley. "Overall, most days, I can't believe I built what I consider to be such a cool machine while starting with zero fabrication skills.”

Now, Smedley has to decide whether he will keep the Avant-Garde Monster, but it doesn’t seem like he’s in any rush.

“I would just really like to sit back, have a beer or twelve and talk to people about this motorcycle for a bit.”

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