One of the biggest hurdles being faced by the electric vehicle segment is the ability to quickly charge a depleted battery while on the go. In reality, even the best fast-charging technology still isn't able to juice up a battery as quickly as it would take to fill up a gas tank. There is, however, another solution, and it's one that's fast becoming a trend in the electric two-wheeler segment: swappable batteries.

Now, several companies have already begun adopting swappable battery technology. In fact, most electric scooter startups indeed feature this type of technology. Logically, the next step to all this would be the standardization of battery packs, making them compatible across the board, regardless of whether you ride a simple electric scooter, or some futuristic performance-oriented electric sportbike. While we're still a ways away from that, a Taiwanese company is taking the world by storm thanks to a number of strategic partnerships geared towards the faster adoption of electric mobility. 

Gogoro Battery Swap Closeup

I'm talking about Gogoro, the Taiwanese electric scooter maker that has taken its home country, and other parts of Asia, too, by storm. In 2021, alone, Gogoro managed to sell in excess of 63,000 electric scooters in Taiwan. It obliterated the competition, with Aeon, sitting at number two, selling just 7,000 two-wheelers. Apart from that, Gogoro has a world-view that could very well give it the chance to revolutionize electric mobility all over the world.

The company has expanded in other markets thanks to strategic collaborations with big EV name brands. For instance, in China, the company partnered up with Yadea, another up and coming player in the electric scooter game. The Indian market also sees the entrance of Gogoro through partnerships with Hero. Indonesia, too, joins forces with Gogoro through Gojek, one of the country's most popular multi-service platforms. 

It will certainly be interesting to see Gogoro's plans of entering the U.S. and European markets. With big industry names like Yamaha, Honda, KTM, and Piaggo all working together towards the advancement of EV battery technology, could there be room for Gogoro to join in on the fun, as well?

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