If you live and/or ride where it’s cold, you probably already know the importance of keeping yourself warm. Of course, that can mean different things depending on your level of activity. People sitting at a computer and typing may have different warming needs and strategies than those hopping on a motorcycle and riding away.  

When it gets super cold, one thing that comes in handy is wearing technical base layers. Like most motorcycle and outdoor gear, there are a wide range of items, materials, and price points to consider. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, European gear distributor Louis has its own line of base layers designed to get the job done and yet leave you with plenty of leftover cash for, say, fun stuff for your bike. Nice! 

Fastway base layers are available for men and women in sizes Small to XXL. Since Louis accepts returns and exchanges, they could make an ideal gift for anyone you know who likes being warm. They come in two varieties: Regular, or Fleece.  

The regular ones are breathable, moisture-wicking, and also fast-drying, so they’re good for a wide variety of temperatures. Meanwhile, the fleece ones are ideal for those especially cold temperatures, where you probably find yourself drinking more of your favorite hot beverage than usual.  

What are the prices like? The regular Fastway gear will set you back a cool €9.99 ($11.26) each for the shirt of pants, or under €20 ($22.55) for a matched set. If you want the fleece, those cost €39.99 (just over $45) for a set. All these base layers only come in black, but that’s cool because as everyone knows, that color goes with everything. 

It’s slightly more expensive than not spending any money at all, but as a lot of motorcycle gear goes, that seems like a pretty reasonable price to keep yourself and your loved ones warm. Less frostbite = happier ride time, right? Right.

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