Electric scooters and motorcycles stand the chance not only to revolutionize the world of personal mobility, but of delivery, as well. In the distant future, when we are 100-percent non-dependent on fossil fuels for our day-to-day lives, literally all modes of transport will rely on electric power, or some sort of propulsion device we have yet to discover—unless we learn to teleport, that is.

That being said, several industries are beginning to embrace the shift to electric. In particular, last-mile delivery services are beginning to integrate electric scooters and e-bikes as part of their delivery fleet. This is most prevalent in Asia and Europe, where the awareness of electric mobility is growing at a rapid pace. NITO may be a company you’ve never heard of before. However, they’ve been working hard to make a name for themselves in the lightweight electric two-wheeler segment. The Italian manufacturer of all-electric vehicles first made its U.S. debut in 2019, when it launched its electric scooter model range.

The NITO Cargo & Share Scooter Is Here For Your Delivery Needs

NITO went on to impress sporty riders with its M4 concept—a machine that has yet to become a reality. Now, while we sit here and wait for the M4 to come into fruition, NITO has been keeping itself busy with addressing the needs of the last-mile delivery industry. The Italian company has just launched the Cargo & Share, also known as the C+S, electric scooter. This lightweight runabout does exactly what its name suggests—haul cargo and people. It’s clearly designed as a utilitarian workhorse meant for either delivery use or ride sharing in and around the city.

NITO states that the C+S makes use of a functional design inspired by that of a pick-up truck. In developing this scooter, NITO wanted something that combined the best of both worlds: the maneuverability of a two-wheeler, and the cargo capacity of something bigger. As such, the C+S makes use of a step-through design which allows the rider to carry bags or packages in between their legs. Additionally, it’s equipped with a front luggage rack and side-mounted floor-panels which can be used either as passenger footrests, or cargo racks.

The NITO Cargo & Share Scooter Is Here For Your Delivery Needs

NITO also expressed its intentions of rolling out a range of functional accessories for the C+S, such as additional luggage racks and passenger-centered amenities. It’ll come equipped with a 72 V, 35 Ah lithium-ion battery, similar to what we find in the NES scooter. Additionally, NITO claims that the C+S will be capable of hauling up to 100 kilograms of cargo without any substantial losses in performance. Production on the C+S is expected to begin in 2022, with sales and deliveries commencing towards the tail-end of next year.

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