If you’ve been waiting for VMoto Soco’s first foray into making a premium electric bike, your day is finally here. To mark the occasion, the electric bike specialist introduced its VMoto brand (no “Super” or “Soco,” presumably for differentiation purposes) at EICMA 2021. Its first premium-segment electric bike on offer is called Stash, and the company plans to offer it in both the European and American markets. 

The VMoto Stash is powered by a 6kW motor, positioned low down for those all-important mass centralization purposes. VMoto’s claims include a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour (about 65 mph), and a range of between 240 and 260 kilometers (or between 149 and 161.5 miles). However, VMoto also adds, that range depends on riders keeping their average speed around 45 km/h, or just under 28 mph. In other words, urban commuting on congested city streets is where you’ll get your highest range numbers. 

Clearly, VMoto and C-Creative designed the Stash with commuters in mind. Seat height is an extremely approachable 785mm, or 30.9 inches. Likewise, weight is just 105 kilograms, or just under 231.5 pounds. While there’s a certain amount of futuristic style to the Stash’s lines, VMoto opted to stick a handy frunk where the fuel tank would go on most piston-powered bikes. Impressively, it’s roomy enough to fit a full-face helmet, which seems awfully useful for commuting and/or running errands. 

Gallery: VMoto Stash

That’s to be expected, though—VMoto even calls out the fact that it chose the Stash name because it means “to put away/keep.” Indeed, a utilitarian and even stylish little electric bike like this could be a good reason to put away your other bikes for everyday use. Claimed charge time is about six hours, which seems easy enough to work into your schedule if your primary purpose for owning a bike like this is commuting. 

The VMoto Stash will be available in three colorways to start: Black, silver, and yellow. Pricing and availability information have not yet been announced, but presumably will follow in the coming months.

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