American Flat Track (AFT) made Dunlop’s DT4 its official tire in 2020. While pro racers like Briar Bauman, Shayna Texter, and James Rispoli push the DT4 to the limit on the dirt oval, the versatile tire also suits up-and-coming riders. Now, Dunlop caters to those younger flat trackers with a new DT4 in a 120/70-17 size.

While the Dunlop offers the DT4 in a 130/80-19 front and 140/80-19 rear for full-size bikes, the 17-inch tire fits 85-150cc models. The smaller hoop also works as a front or rear tire, allowing riders to extend the lifespan throughout the season. Despite its economical features, the mini DT4 still touts a soft compound and aggressive tread pattern for excellent grip.


“We have been working on this new tire for a while now as we have received a lot of requests for mini sizes,” noted Dunlop Flat Track Support Manager Rob Fox. “We recently extended our highly successful MX amateur Team Dunlop Elite support program to Flat Track enthusiasts as we want to see the Flat Track roots grow from the bottom up. We used top Team Dunlop Elite and supported riders to conduct testing on this tire, and we’re excited to now have them available to the public.”

Users can also run the Dunlop tire tubeless for extra weight savings and versatility. In that configuration, the DT4 enables riders to easily and quickly change tires or fine-tune air pressure to match track conditions. Dunlop’s new tire size is compatible with 2.75-3.5 rim sizes boasts a 607mm diameter. The brand recommends 12-14 psi for quarter-mile tracks, 16-24 psi on half-mile circuits, and 26-32 psi on one-mile courses. At $135.50, the Dunlop DT4 delivers top-notch performance at a fraction of the price.

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