The Yamaha MT-07 and MT-09 donned new styling and Euro 5-compliant engines in 2021, but the MT-10 didn’t enjoy the same revisions. As a result, Team Blue’s flagship naked bike’s bug-eyed aesthetic looked out of place next to its underlings last year. Now, Yamaha is remedying the situation, realigning the MT family with the heavily-updated 2022 MT-10.

As we suspected, the brand’s celebrated CP4 engine receives a power boost with 164 horsepower at 11,500 rpm and 82.6 lb-ft of torque at 9,000 rpm. A new intake system with acoustically amplified grills and a titanium exhaust retain the 998cc cross-plane inline-four exhaust note while also reducing emissions. Forged aluminum pistons and direct-plated cylinders optimize efficiency and offset steel conrods increase drivetrain inertia.

Gallery: 2022 Yamaha MT-10

The Euro 5-compliant inline-four hangs from an R1-derived lightweight Deltabox frame suspended by a fully adjustable KYB 43mm USD fork and shock. The 2022 MT-10 also boasts an R1-derived six-axis IMU that delivers traction control, slide control, engine braking management, and wheelie control. A more refined throttle-by-wire system allows users to choose between four different ride modes while a speed limiter keeps driver’s licenses in wallets.

Yamaha’s cruise control feature equips the MT-10 for long stints on the highway but the bi-directional quickshifter, Brembo master cylinder, Bridgestone S22 tires, and slipper-assist clutch also prepare the hypernaked for twisty canyon roads. Riders can access the full electronics suite via the brand’s 4.2-inch TFT display and new menu switchgear.

Of course, the MT-10's facelift steals the spotlight with the range’s signature slit LED daytime running lights (DRL) and low beam/high beam combo. The sleek new bodywork also ties the flagship model back to its MT-03, MT-07, and MT-09 counterparts. Available in Cyan Storm, Icon Blue, and Tech Black, the 2022 MT-10 will hit Yamaha dealers early next year. Unfortunately, Iwata hasn’t announced European pricing or North American availability, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled as EICMA 2021 approaches.

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