BMW's motorcycles have a long history of being used by law enforcement in multiple countries all over the world. With its large tourers like the R 1250 RT used by various police forces across Europe, and its F 750 GS and F 850 GS adventure bikes used by highway cops in parts of Asia, BMW's machinery seems to a perfect fit when it comes to meeting the needs of law enforcement.

In the recently concluded Milipol Paris 2021, the largest convention for Homeland Security and Safety, the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer unveiled Police Editions of two of its two-wheelers, namely the F 900 XR sport-tourer and CE-04 electric scooter. It's pretty interesting that BMW has chosen the CE-04 electric scooter to outfit with police attire. Clearly, it's well aware of several European countries' initiatives of going green in the next decade or so, with the gradual phasing out of gasoline-powered machines. 

BMW Releases CE-04 And F 900 XR Police Editions

As far as modifications go, the CE-04 Police Edition, intended for patrol use in and around the city, gets LED beacons up front and rotating LED beacons at the back. Additionally, it's been outfitted with side-cases, a top-case, and a siren—probably for storing speed guns and other law-enforcement-related gizmos. The CE-04's top speed of 120 kilometers per hour, by way of a 30 kW electric motor, makes it ideal for around-the-city duty. The scooter's 130-kilometer range should be more than enough for a day's worth of work, provided, of course, that it isn't involved in any high-speed pursuits with mopeds and e-bikes. 

Meanwhile, the BMW F 900 XR, which is already a rather capable middleweight sport-tourer, remains mostly unchanged. The Police Edition does get hard side panniers, a seat cowl, and a rotating LED beacon at the back. A loud siren can also be seen mounted onto the left-side crash guard of the sport-tourer. With 99 horsepower on tap from its 895cc parallel-twin motor, the F 900 XR is more than capable of giving chase, even to performance-oriented cars. As such, it'll make for the perfect patrol machine on highways and outskirts of many European countries. 

The new Police Editions of the CE-04 electric scooter and F 900 XR sport-tourer join BMW's roster of law enforcement-ready machinery consisting of the F 750 GS and F 850 GS adventure bikes, as well as the R 1250 RT touring bike. They're all produced at BMW Motorrad's factory in Berlin, Germany. To date, BMW has delivered more than 160,000 government motorcycles to over 150 countries all over the world.

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