Yet another four years have gone by after the last incident of melting asphalt and tar on Mount Glorious’ road. 

The road is located west of Brisbane, Australia, and logged at least one accident back in 2017. Since then, the Australian government has invested millions of dollars worth into roadwork projects, but fast forward to 2021, and the problem is back once again. 

On the Motorcycle Advocacy Group’s (MAG) Facebook page, a warning was posted to tell riders to take care on Mount Glorious’ road as the surface “is falling to bits since the weather warmed up.” 

Even roads outside of the Queensland area are suffering from the same issue. Rising temperatures in the country are causing road surfaces to melt and chip away, producing imperfections that can be nicked away and enlarged by hand. Oxley Highway in New South Wales in particular also had melting issues back in 2019. 

MAG’s spokesman, Stuart Langfield, warned that the two prior road works were “unsuitable and had to be ripped up and re-laid.” 

“At every stage, we told them this was an unsuitable surface. They ignored us and argued with us.”

It appears that the MAG is having a bit of an issue with how the road was laid when it was repaired. Judging by the condition it is in now, the money that went into the repairs didn’t really make it to the long term. MAG also asked for “hotmix” bitumen in place of the current road surface for more longevity. 

Seems like things are getting a bit heated over in Australia on the road and over it. As for the repairs following the damage, it looks like the government will have to tear up the old surface again and layer over some new asphalt once again. Hopefully, before any major accidents pop up in the near future. As always, Aussie riders are expected to stay safe on this stretch of road, and now even more so due to these very worrying conditions. 

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