The Ducati Museum and factory complex seems like a must-visit if you’re in the Borgo Panigale area, doesn’t it? While the Museum reopened with pandemic safety mitigations in effect in May, 2021, the factory still hadn’t been open for tours—until now.  

As of October 11, 2021, the Ducati factory will now host tours for visitors once again. If you participate in a tour, you’ll be able to walk along actual Ducati production lines, observing what actually happens inside the factory making all these amazing bikes.  

The tours are guided and can be booked on Mondays and Fridays of each week. Three separate morning slots are open, as well as three afternoon slots. Online booking ahead of time is required to participate in any tour, and spaces will be limited in the interest of safety.  

In order to participate in a tour, you’ll need to bring your valid EU Digital COVID Certificate (Green Pass), unless you are a child under the age of 12 or a person who cannot receive vaccination due to medical reasons, and who has a valid medical exemption certificate.  

You can visit the Ducati Museum for 17 Euros (about $20), or purchase a combined Museum and Factory combination ticket for 32 Euros ($37) and make a whole day of it. We’ll link the online Ducati experience page down below in our Sources in case you need to make reservations. 

For high school students, Ducati is also opening its interactive Physics in Motion laboratory (Fisica in Moto) back up to kids who want to learn about physics in the context of Ducati motorcycles and engines. These opportunities will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with reservations.  

Participants who visit Ducati’s Physics in Motion Laboratory must have a COVID Green Pass or else have a negative test performed within 48 hours of visitation. There’s also a remote learning Physics in Motion laboratory option, which is available on Wednesdays. To find out more, you’ll need to contact the program via the link in our Sources. 

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