Remember 2019? That’s the year that Suzuki held its first-ever Katana Meeting in Japan. It was a big, in-person event inviting Katana owners from around the country to meet up and celebrate the simple joy of riding Katanas.  

Naturally, like so many things in 2020, the Katana Meeting 2020 went online-only. Organizers carefully monitored the situation leading up to the proposed dates for Katana Meeting 2021. However, due to the current pandemic situation in Japan, Katana Meeting 2021 will also be an online-only event. This move is meant to protect the health and safety of all Katana owners and Suzuki employees involved.  

Suzuki is currently in the process of gathering photos for its Katana Big Flag Project. To participate, Katana owners should submit nice, clear photos of their Katanas via the application page on the official website. Owners can choose whether or not they want to be in the picture, but the most important thing is that their bikes are shown very clearly. Suzuki will use these photos to construct a Katana Flag image, which will then prominently be displayed at Katana Meeting 2022. 

Gallery: Suzuki Katana Meeting 2021

As often happens with events like these, organizers had planned to have special merchandise created that would only be available if you attended the event. Since the event is virtual in 2021, Suzuki is making its limited-edition event T-shirts and baseball caps available for a limited sale online.  

From October 4 through 25, Katana fans can purchase either or both of these items. Part of the proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society in the wake of deadly flooding in August 2021. Be aware that items will not ship until December, 2021. Also be aware that since these items are custom-made, no refunds or cancellations will be accepted once you have placed your order. 

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