When Sondors revealed the Metacycle in January, 2021, it sent shockwaves through the industry. At just $5,000, the electric motorcycle instantly became an urban commuter's dream machine with an 80-mile range and 80-mph top speed. The removable battery only requires four hours to fully recharge as well, allowing riders to stay on the road. Despite the excitement behind the model, it has several production hurdles ahead.

Sondors-distributed emails reveal that the Metacycle won’t ship until Q4 2021. The company previously moved deliveries up to Q3 when the project was ahead of schedule. However, recent industry developments have halted the brand’s progress. Sondors cites that the delay is “due to record-breaking demand, industry-wide material shortages, and system-wide shipping delays.”


An email sent to Metacycle reservation holders fully explained the situation while reassuring customers that Sondors is doing everything in its power to get the model to market as soon as possible. To keep early adopters in the loop, the Malibu, California-based company will set up an exclusive owner’s page to provide customers with “immediate access to shipping timelines and insider Metacycle details.”

While the delay is somewhat predictable in today’s COVID-19-influenced manufacturing sector, it isn’t stopping the Metacycle’s momentum. The company recently revealed that it will offer accessories to fill the frame cavity including a storage case, 3,000 Wh auxiliary battery, or Level 2 charger. Of course, the extra battery or fast charger will increase the Metacycle’s 200-pound curb weight, but the additional range and reduced charge times may be worth the additional pounds.

Of course, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. Q4 2021 might be just the corner, but the current environment doesn’t rule out another potential delay. With that said, we can’t wait to see how the Metacycle changes both the electric motorcycle and electric bicycle landscape when it does arrive.

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