The allure of affordable, performance-oriented electric motorcycles gives us all a spark of hope that what we love most about motorcycling will transition forward into the future. At this point in time, most high-performance electric motorcycles will cost you upwards of $10,000, however, companies like Sondors have adopted a different, albeit familiar approach when it comes to its electric motorbike.

The Sondors Metacycle isn’t an all-out, straight-line-speed machine. It is, however, a lightweight electric street bike that promises an enjoyable commute. Something like what KTM is offering with its 200 Duke. The Sondors Metacycle can hit a top speed of 80 miles per hour, and returns a range of 80 miles. While this isn’t exactly anything to write home about, its price tag certainly is. Pegged at just $5,000, the Metacycle is one of the more affordable options, especially when it comes to fun, stylish, and practical electric two-wheelers.

Sondors Metacycle - Left Side with Rider

Sondors has managed to keep the costs of the Metacycle at bay by outsourcing manufacturing of the bike in Shenzhen, China, with other parts and components sourced from international suppliers. It gets a 14.5 kW Permanent Magnet Alternating Current (PMAC) hub motor, which produces around 19 horsepower. It sips juice from a 4,000 watt-hour lithium ion battery, which can be supplemented by a spare 3,000 watt-hour battery that can be purchased as an accessory. Charging the Sondors Metacycle will take around three hours and 45 minutes, via a standard home outlet—not bad, all things considered.

Now, while the Sondors Metacycle is well and truly on its way, with the company even posting a video proving its capabilities, there’s still some work left to do before officially launching it in the market. At present, Sondors is conducting rigorous torture testing on the Metacycle, checking whether or not the bike can withstand the hard life of a commuter machine in its current form. Hopefully, when the bike does launch in the first quarter of 2022, it’ll prove itself as a versatile and reliable city runabout.

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