Everyone knows about the Z900RS and the fact that it just got an update. The model now features new colors, but the RS family of bikes will also get a new baby brother. Kawasaki was quick to hint at a release in their sixteen-second teaser trailer for the “Retrovolution.” 

A spin on the words retro, and evolution, and revolution, we can expect something like a modernized classic similar to what Kawasaki has done with the Z900RS. The teaser points towards a Z650RS, which should make the retro look more accessible for our A2 brothers across the pond, and less intimidating for most newbie riders to swing a leg over. 

Other overseas sources have reported the model’s specifications, along with a bit of speculation as well. 

The bike will be powered by Kawasaki’s tried and tested 180-degree parallel-twin engine that could produce about 67 horses and about 47 pound-feet of torque, similar to the current-generation Z650s. The top speed will be similar to the Z650 as well, going as fast as 119 miles per hour. To adhere to the European A2 license restriction, a special low-power version will be made available and rated at only 47 horsepower. 

While the chassis will remain largely the same, there is a slight change in their wheelbase, with the RS variant getting a 0.2-inch reduction in the overall wheelbase as compared to the standard Z650. Sources also indicate that the RS will be about a half-inch longer overall due to some elements towards the rear of the bike. The sources also suggest that the part numbers used in the model aren’t as bespoke as one may believe. Based on what CycleWorld reported, the Z650 shares the same part number for its muffler as the standard Z650, and there are a few other similarities to the Z650, notably the same tire size measuring in at 120/70 ZR17s in the front and 150/60 ZR17s in the rear. 

As for other features, the bike will likely come with dual-channel ABS and the same braking system as found on the standard Z650. 

It is likely that we will see stiff competition between this upcoming Kawi and other middleweight models like the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, and perhaps something like the Honda CB650R. One can even argue that it’ll go toe-to-toe with the Yamaha XSR700 or the Triumph Trident 660, but that remains to be seen. 

We’re excited to see what Kawasaki has hidden up their sleeves. The brand told us to block off September 27, 2021, for an announcement. I certainly hope it is the Z650RS. 

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