Kawasaki released the second teaser for its Retrovolution mystery bike on September 7, 2021. It’s just 16 seconds long, but it gives quite a bit more information than the first trailer did. Granted, the first trailer basically gave us nothing, so it’s not the highest bar to get over. Let’s take a look. 

For a start, we now know that the full reveal of whatever bike Kawasaki is teasing here is scheduled to take place on September 27, 2021. So, before the month is out, we should have all the details we’ve been hoping for on this model that Team Green clearly wants to get us amped up about. 

The video shows a male rider playing chess with an older man in a park somewhere. We get brief glimpses of both men at the chessboard, with lots of contemplation of next moves, closeups of the board and chess clock, and so on. At one point, the older man taps his fingers against the tabletop. Is it an unconscious nervous gesture, sort of like people who tap their pencil or foot repeatedly while waiting for something to happen? Could he be communicating an important number with his finger taps? It’s not clear. 

Kawasaki Retrovolution Teaser #2

What is clear, though, is an early Kawasaki Z650 parked in the background behind the older gentleman in one shot. In fact, the camera even pulls focus away from the man playing chess, so that we can all very clearly focus on the lovely green bike that’s sitting behind him. Heck, it’s even a very nice shade of green! 

Kawasaki knows exactly what it’s doing with these teasers, and this seems to be a pretty good example of “tell us you’re putting out a new Z650RS without telling us you’re putting out a new Z650RS.” In any case, we’ll know more on September 27, and can only hope that there’s also an excellent green colorway involved on the upcoming 2022 model. 

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