California-based Burly Brand has been a driving force in the custom cruiser scene since 1996. Specializing in Harley-Davidson aftermarket parts, the company offers an assortment of bolt-on mods and luggage options. Now, Burly is branching out with a parts and accessories collection for Honda’s new Rebel 1100.

Introduced in 2021, Team Red’s flagship Rebel champions a retuned version of the Africa Twin’s liquid-cooled, 1,084cc, 270-degree, unicam parallel-twin. While the 1100 echoes the neo-bobber styling of its smaller siblings, Honda packs a punch with 87 horsepower and 72 lb-ft of torque. Of course, the Rebel can handle the job in stock form, but everyone knows that cruiser culture covets customization. That’s where Burly Brand comes in.

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Starting with suspension, Burly offers Slammer Kits and fork lowering kits for the riders that prefer slow and low. At the other end of the spectrum, the Stiletto 13-inch rear shocks and fork spring kit delivers extra travel in the rear and extra foot peg clearance at lean. For those looking to add some extra attitude to the Rebel 1100, 12-inch ape hangers will do the trick while Burly’s extended cable kit accommodates both standard and DCT trims.

Riders can further customize the touchpoints to their liking with MX and Slash Cut foot pegs or Slash Cut Grips. MX-style and Slash Cut options are also available for the shift and brake pedals. Burly continues the Slash Cut motif with additional accessories like front sprocket covers, radiator guards, license brackets, brake reservoir covers, chain guards, and side panels.

When it’s time to hit the open road, Burly has your back as well. The Voyager saddlebag and tank bag suit long-distance travel while the sissy bar and sissy bar bag cater to day-trippers. A backpack, tail bag, and tool roll round out the luggage options. Honda’s Rebel platform may be a modern take on the cruiser, but Burly Brand’s latest collection ensures that Rebel riders can customize their ride as well.

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