Ducati was on a roll in the early 2000s pumping out retro-inspired bike after retro-inspired bike. In 2001, we got the MH900 Evoluzione, a limited-run model that remains one of the most beautiful bikes to this day. 

However, if 2,000 units in total don’t seem limited, then try just 50. This is the very first Ducati-NCR New Blue on the list. It’s marked number one out of fifty—talk about strength in numbers.

Ducati collaborated with NCR to make a track-only homage to the “Old Blue” ridden by Cook Neilson at Daytona in 1977—the collaboration happened back in 2007, just about 30 years after the 1977 Superbike season. I think it’s pretty witty that Ducati actually changed “Old” to “New” when they were coming up with the name for this homage. 

Based on the Paul Smart 1000S, New Blue features a 1,078cc L-twin engine that made 116 horsepower back in the day. Sending gasses out the back is a Zard titanium exhaust, and mind you, it’s an actual titanium pipe. The seller provided a nice close-up shot of the bluing, and it’s a gorgeous look. 

Ducati/NCR New Blue 1/50

Other appointments that this bike features are a tan Scedoni seat, front fairing, adjustable Öhlins suspension, dual Brembo front disc brakes supplemented by a single Brembo system at the rear, and BST carbon fiber wheels. 

On top of all of that, the bike’s tank is also signed by Neilson and AMA racer, Larry Pegram. Speaking of racing, the bike was raced prior to the seller’s acquisition in 2008, and it is featured on a copy of Cycle World.

So what about this bike’s so special? Well, it just got posted recently and it already has a bid of $25,555 USD. The bidding ends on Saturday, August 28, 2021, and it’s an absolute bargain sitting at twenty-five grand. Another example, number 12 of 50, sold for a grand total of $75,000 in an eBay auction. It goes without saying, but get it while you still can. 

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