Dual-sports and supermotos are excellent machines for young riders to learn the ropes on. In Europe, in particular, a whole subculture of motorcycling exists revolving around these types of motorcycles. Indeed, there are some insanely skilled riders who can do unimaginable things aboard a supermoto. That said, as is the case with most things in life, even the best riders started with zero experience. 

FB Mondial, a classic Italian motorcycle manufacturer which returned from the dead in 2019, has a very enticing A1-compliant supermoto called the SMX 125. Bearing similar styling and proportions to fully fledged machines, this bike packs a 125cc engine with just 14.7 horsepower making it perfectly approachable to a beginner rider. Equipped with long-travel suspension, large front and rear disc brakes, and a lightweight chassis, first-timers can very easily push their limits and gradually develop their skills—be it on or off-road—in a safe manner. 

FB Mondial Launches SMX 125 In Striking New Colorways

On the technical side of things, the FB Mondial SMX 125 is equipped with a 124cc single-cylinder engine. Sporting dual-overhead-cams, a four-valve cylinder head, and electronic fuel-injection, it pumps out a decent 14.7 horsepower putting it right at the limit of A1 compliance. The bike is manufactured by Piaggio in their factory in China, in order to keep costs at bay, and be able to sell the bike at a beginner-friendly price tag. 

For the 2021 model year, FB Mondial has released two striking new color options for the SMX 125 supermoto. The company has clearly gone for a more race-inspired approach featuring two-tone liveries exuding a rowdy, rambunctious nature. First-time riders can now hit the streets with the new and improved SMX 125 in either a red and black or yellow and black livery. The FB Mondial SMX 125 retails at around the 4,000 Euro mark, which translates to the ballpark of $4,700 USD, depending on the trim and accessories you opt to fit onto it. 

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